Pictures of Famous Physicists

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Pre-20th century (32 pictures)
Pioneers of Quantum Theory (20 pictures)
Theoreticians (35 pictures)
Experimentalists (part 1) (24 pictures)
Experimentalists (part 2) (24 pictures)
Nobel prize 1971-1980 (25 pictures)
Nobel prize 1981-1990 (23 pictures)
Nobel prize since 1991 (13 pictures)
Albert Einstein (63 pictures)
Group photographs (24 pictures)

The Nobel Prize winners in physics 1901-1998

Black-and-white drawings of physicists by I. Waloschek (53 pictures)

Physics-related postage stamps   (1546 pictures!)

Portraits from the other side of science (6 pictures)

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A few more more pictures found at St. Andrews /Scotland

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Joachim Reinhardt