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(GSI, 03 November 2011)
Beschreibung ultrarelativistischer Schwerionenkollisionen mit der Quark-Molekulardynamik qMD
(Frankfurt, 07 April 2006)
More than you ever wanted to know about it:
Modelling ultra-relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions with the quark Molecular Dynamics qMD
(PDF)  (PDF for small printout)
(December 2005)
Talk at CSC Seminar Day:
Dynamics of Coloured Quarks: The Quark Gluon Plasma in the Computer (PDF)
(Frankfurt, 15.10.2004)
Talk at SQM 2004:
Exotic hadrons from dynamical clustering of quarks (PDF)
(Cape Town, 19.09.2004)
Pentaquarks in Heavy Ion Collisions with qMD
(Frankfurt, 03.05.2004)
Pentaquark References
Talk at HHLR Users Colloquium:
Quark-Gluon-Plasma im Computer
(Darmstadt, 10.07.2003)
Talk at DPG meeting:
Different temperatures in Quark Molecular Dynamics at SPS energies
(Tübingen, 20.03.2003)

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