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We have several Commercial Software Package installed on our System. This document describes what we have and how to use them.


Mathematica is an algebra system from Wolfram Research [1].

Because mathematica is very expensive we only hold a limited number of licenses. For fairness to other users, please close Mathematica if you don't need it. If everyone will do this, you will have not to wait for a license token.

Remote usage of Mathematica

If you want to use Mathematica through a ssh-connection or through our NX-Server, the Mathematica fonts have to be installed on your local machine.

The recent Ubuntu 10.04 has a new package which can do this for you. Open your favorite software managment tool (eg. synaptic) or open a terminal window and enter:

 sudo aptitude install mathematica-fonts

This is a downloader package and downloads the fonts from the Mathematica site.

For older Ubuntu and Debian Versions we provide special packages. This packages can only be downloaded if your are at the ITP. Download the following files:

and install them with the command:

  sudo dpkg -i *.deb


Maple 12 is available with either "xmaple" or "maple". This version is really old and will not be updated.


Matlab is available in a recent version with the command "matlab".

There is an issue with the java virtual memory, when running matlab on the login server. The Java GUI will only run on our normal desktop machines. As a work around we have a second login server (with older hardware) called, which does not have any restrictions.

Intel Compiler and MKL

See Intel Compiler for details instructions, how to setup your environment.

NAG Libraries

The NAG libraries are installed under /home/software/NAG, accessible from all ITP machines.

Currenly we have:

  • cll6i24dcl (C Version, 64 bit integer)
  • fll6a24dfl (Fortran Version)

The Libraries are not in the default library path. If you want the use them you have to set or extend the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Run your programm like that

 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/software/NAG/cll6i24dcl/lib ./a.out

if your binary is named a.out. You can put the LD_LIBRARY_PATH with an export statement in your .profile to have it always available.

The NAG Libraries are commercial software and require a valid license. Define a second environment variable pointing to the license file:

export  NAG_KUSARI_FILE=/home/software/NAG/license.lic

This can also be added to the .profile.