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The command mailfilter-setup updates you .procmailrc to use our spam filter and/or the out-of-office-reply system vacman.

Open a terminal console and enter the following command.

 > mailfilter-setup

First you will be asked if you want to enable the vacation framework. Say yes if you want to have the out of office replies. Further configuration is needed. No out-of-office-replies are send out after enabling this.

After that you can choose the level of spam filtering. See the Spam Filter page for details.

At last you will be ask, if you want an example vacation mail in your template folder. If you are using the script for the first time, this is recommended.

If you want to change anything in your setup, just run the script again and update your setting. Any existing .procmailrc statements will be preserved.

Configure mail forwards

In former days mail forwards have bin configured through the '.forward' file. This is still possible, but disables spam filter and the vacation system. Therefor it is not recommended.

For a convenient configuration of forwards in the procmail setup, the mailfilter-setup tool has been extended.

You will be ask to give one or more mail addresses where all mails, which passed the spam filter, will be forwarded. Simply keep the input line empty for local delivery only.

There is an option to store a local copy of them. Spam mails will always be stored locally or will be deleted depending on your spam filter mode. If you store local copies, don't forget to check and delete them from time to time. If your account is full, forwarding will not work, too.

Expert Notes: If the tool finds forward rules in the .procmailrc which are not at the end, the position will be preserved even if you change the recipient address.