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This article shows you how to log into our VPN network without using the terminal. This method is by far more convenient and you also may find this helpful, if you are not very familiar with command lines. We will use a VPN Plugin called network-manager.


Open up a terminal of your choice (Ctrl + T) and install OpenVPN Network Manager by tying the following line:

 sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

Please enter your password to confirm the installation.

After the successful installation NetworkManager must be restartet:

 sudo service network-manager restart

Again, confirm with your password if necessary.

Getting Started

Ubuntu 14.04

To get VPN access you must set up a new VPN connection first. Click on the two arrow symbol (or the WiFi symbol - depending on which connection you are currently using) in the top right corner.

Now choose VPN Connections -> Configure VPN....

A new window will open up.

Click on Add to add a new connection.

You will be asked for the connection type.

Choose OpenVPN and click on Create....

Now you have to edit and configure your connection. Choose any connection name e.g. itp_openvpn.

For the Gateway type:


Under Authentication select Password as authentication type. Enter your user name and password and choose the CA Certificate 'private-ca-itp.crt'. It can be downloaded here.

VPN Settings

Save your changes.

Your new VPN connection will be listet in Network Connections.

Using a VPN Connection

To access a VPN network just click on the arrow or WiFi symbol on the top right corner. Your configured connection should be found under VPN Connections.