Excited QCD 2011

20-25 February 2011- Les Houches (France)




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Monday 21 February 2011


Overview of the CGC (09:00-09:25)- Presenter: MCLERRAN, Larry : pdf

High energy QCD: when CGC meets experiments - (09:25-09:50)- Presenter: LOPEZ ALBACETE, Javier: pdf

Forward and Mueller-Navelet jets (09:50-10:15)- Presenters: TRIANTAFYLLOPOULOS, Dionysis: pdf


Large Nc QCD and the Hagedorn spectrum (10:45-11:10)- Presenter: COHEN, Thomas: pdf

Large Nc behavior of hadronic models at nonzero T (11:10-11:35)- Presenter: HEINZ, Achim: pdf

The structure of Yang-Mills spectrum for arbitrary simple gauge algebras (11:35-12:00)- Presenter: BUISSERET, Fabien: pdf


First results of the ALICE experiment in PbPb collisions at 2.76 TeV (17:00-17:25)- Presenters: BAILHACHE, Raphaelle: pdf

The CMS QCD-related results from the first LHC data (17:25-17:50)- Presenter: ISILDAK, Bora: pdf


Noncommutative geometry inspired black holes in higher dimensions at the LHC (18:15-18:40)- Presenter: GINGRICH, Doug: pdf

Physics and signatures of strings and extra dimensions (18:40-19:05)- Presenter: ANTONIADIS, Ignatios: pdf





Tuesday 22 February 2011


QCD thermodynamics on the lattice (09:00-09:25)- Presenter: FODOR, Zoltan: pdf

QCD at finite temperature and density (09:25-09:50) - Presenter: SWANSON, Eric: pdf

The phase diagram of QCD (09:50-10:15)- Presenter: NAHRGANG, Marlene: pdf


Latest QCD results from ATLAS (10:45-11:10)- Presenter: NEWMAN, Paul: pdf

Jet dynamics in the QGP (11:10-11:35)- Presenters: MEHTAR-TANI, Yacine: pdf

Jet quenching (11:35-12:00)- Presenter: CASALDERREY SOLANA, Jorge: pdf


The experimental evidence for CGC at RHIC and the status of EIC (17:00-17:25)- Presenter: ULLRICH, Thomas: pdf

Hydrodynamical evolution in heavy ion collisions and pp scatterings at the LHC (17:25-17:50)- Presenter: WERNER, Klaus: pdf


Dilepton production from relativistic nuclear collisions (18:15-18:40)- Presenter: MAURICIO, Martinez: pdf

Viscous hydrodynamics for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions (18:40-19:05)- Presenter: LUZUM, Matthew: pdf

Elliptic flow in high multiplicity heavy ion collisions (19:05-19:30)- Presenter: MOTA, Philipe: pdf





Wednesday 23 February 2011


Weakly and strongly coupled degrees of freedom in the quark-gluon plasma (09:00-09:25)- Presenter: BLAIZOT, Jean-Paul: pdf

The QCD equation of state: From nuclear physics to perturbative QCD (09:25-09:50)- Presenter: VUORINEN, Aleksi: pdf

Heavy quarks in a hot Quark Gluon Plasma (09:50-10:15)- Presenter: BERAUDO, Andrea: pdf


AdS/CFT with applications to HIC (10:45-11:10)- Presenter: IANCU, Edmond: pdf

Thermodynamics at strong coupling from holographic QCD (11:10-11:35)- Presenter: NITTI, Francesco: pdf

Holographic study of magnetically induced QCD effects: split between deconfinement and chiral

transition, and evidence for rho meson condensation. (11:35-12:00)- Presenters: CALLEBAUT, Nele: pdf


Glueballs (17:00-17:25)- Presenter: MATHIEU, Vincent: pdf

Chiral properties of the baryon ground state (17:25-17:50)- Presenter: DMITRASINOVIC, Veljko: pdf


Glueballs, hybrids and multiquark static colour fields in Lattice QCD (18:15-18:40) - Presenter: CARDOSO, Marco: pdf

Finite temperature lattice QCD with GPUs (18:40-19:05)- Presenter: CARDOSO, Nuno: pdf

Possible solutions to the sign problem of the chemical potential in Lattice QCD (19:05-19:30)- Presenter: DELGADO MERCADO, Ydalia del Pilar: pdf





Thursday 24 February 2011


QCD at finite density (09:00-09:25) - Presenters: GLOZMAN, Leonid: pdf

Phase diagram of hot QCD in an external magnetic field (09:25-09:50)- Presenters: FRAGA, Eduardo: pdf

Signatures of the chiral critical endpoint of QCD (09:50-10:15) - Presenter: PALHARES, Leticia: pdf


Strong-coupling effective action(s) for SU(3) Yang-Mills (10:45-11:10)- Presente: LOTTINI, Stefano: pdf

Extending the Linear Sigma Model to Nf=3 (11:10-11:35)- Presente: PARGANLIJA, Denis: ppt

Chiral symmetry restoration in linear and nonlinear O(N) models  within the auxiliary field method (poster presentation): Presenter: SEEL, Elina: pdf




Two-loop Resummation in Analytic Perturbation Theory with Applications to Hadronic Physics (17:00-17:25) - Presenter: BAKULEV, Alexander: pdf

Bonn-Gatchina partial wave analysis: search for the high spin baryon states (17:25-17:50)- Presenter: SARANTSEV, Andrey: pdf


Tetraquarks (18:15-18:40)- Presenter: RICHARD, Jean-Marc: pdf

Static-static-light-light tetraquarks in lattice QCD (18:40-19:05)- Presenter: WAGNER, Marc: pdf

Deviation from the exponential decay law in relativistic quantum field theory: the example of strongly decaying particles (19:05-19:30)- Presenter: PAGLIARA, Giuseppe: pdf






Friday 25 February 2011


Charmed decay reconstruction using a micro-vertexing technique with the STAR Silicon Detectors (09:00-09:25)- Presenter: MARGETIS, Spyridon: pdf

Electron-D0 correlations in p+p and Au+Au collisions at 200 GeV with the STAR experiment at RHIC (09:25-09:50) - Presenter: BOROWSKI, Witold: pdf

The Pomeron and vector mesons at HERA (09:50-10:15)- Presenter: SOLA, Valentina: pdf


Exclusive and diffractive production of lepton pairs in pp collision at high energy (10:45-11:10)- Presenter: KUBASIAK, Gabriela: pdf

Heavy flavor at RHIC (11:10-11:35)- Presenter: KABANA, Sonia: pdf

Overview of Spin physics at RHIC (11:35-12:00)- Presenter: BOYLE, Kieran: pdf




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The meeting is organized by:

Pedro Bicudo (IST Lisboa), Francesco Giacosa (JW Goethe U, Frankfurt), Sonia Kabana (U Nantes, Subatech), Magdalena Malek (CMS, U Illinois, CHicago), Edmond Iancu (IPhT Saclay, CEA and CNRS)


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